We specialise in digital interface design for websites and apps. We focus on flexible, clean, custom solutions for online and mobile with an emphasis on intuitive, clear navigation.


User interface design is the elements of a site or app with which the user interacts with. Seamonkey Media pride ourselves on creating clean user friendly designs which will make your site stand out from the rest.

Have an idea but not sure how it might look or how to present it? Seamonkey Media can work with you to create visually stunning demos and concept pieces to allow you to further develop your ideas or pitch to investors.

Often we are asked to 'clean up' or refresh clients logos and branding during a web/app development project. Clean, modern graphics and careful use of colours/fonts help us create exciting, fresh designs for all purposes.

Seamonkey uses a variety of 3D technologies to create exciting content, build concept renders and to showcase software for marketing/advertising.