In recent years the Internet has moved from a predominantly PC based medium to being viewed on an ever increasing array of devices from phones to tv screens, tablets to watches. Responsive design is what allows your site to respond to the needs of the users and the particular device they are viewing your site from. Responsive designs RESPOND to their environment.

In practise, responsive design consists of a mix of images, flexible grids and layouts and intelligent CSS media queries allowing the user to seamlessly switch between devices accomodating for screen size, resolution, orientation and device capability.

For example
When viewed on an iPad our creative services is displayed in 3 columns. (Screen shot). The same content when viewed on an iPhone will appear as a single column (screen shot) optimising its useability.

Good responsive design ensures your users will experience a functional and aesthetically pleasing site regardless of the device they are viewing it from and will allow your site to adapt to devices not even created yet.

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